Welcome to Our 2021 Keystone Sprinter

It has been almost two years since we moved into our home on wheels. After the first year in our tiny travel trailer, we knew we needed an upgrade if we wanted to continue this lifestyle full-time. In March of 2021, we started searching for our next tiny home. It wasn’t a serious search, just looking what all was out there. Then we stepped into the 2021 Keystone Sprinter 3620LBH and knew it was going to be our next home!

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8 Reasons We Fell In Love With The Keystone Sprinter

If you’re in the market for an RV, ask yourself these questions before you start your search. They helped us narrow down what we were looking for. The Keystone Sprinter checked off all of our boxes and then some. Here’s why we fell in love with it.

The open living space

keystone sprinter - living space

As far as an RV goes, the Sprinter has a large, open living space. There is space for our family to hang out and have movie nights together, cuddle up by the fireplace, and have family dinners together. It’s small, but doesn’t feel super small in our day to day life.

Ceiling height

2021 Keystone Sprinter Livingroom

Fifth wheels are known for having higher ceilings, which was a must for us. Our travel trailer (TT) and shorter ceilings and with a 6 foot tall husband, it wasn’t ideal. The big selling point for a fifth wheel was the tall ceilings. They make it feel a lot bigger too!

The Staircase

2021 Keystone Sprinter entryway

I know, a staircase is an odd selling point to an RV. But, hear me out! A lot of fifth wheels have similar layouts with narrow staircase immediately off to your left or right and pretty closed off. One of the things we loved about this layout is that the staircase was unique and a focal point of the RV. It gives it that open concept feel and makes the whole RV seeable from anywhere.

When I saw this staircase, I immediately thought of how I could decorate it with garland for Christmas and other holidays. I didn’t know when we bought it that it would be the perfect spot for our Christmas trees and that it would give us that winter wonderland vibe inside.

Christmas in our fifthwheel

Two bedrooms

One of the things we really needed in a new RV was two bedrooms. Our travel trailer had one room that we gave to the kids. It worked for the short term, but now that our plan is to do this longterm, we definitely needed our own bedroom. Not only does it give Logan and I privacy, but it’s great when the kids need some alone time.

Our kids share a room and they love it. But sometimes they don’t. They are three and five and can get on each others nervous pretty easily. Having two bedrooms is great because I am able to separate them and neither feels like they are missing out.

Spacious bathroom

Okay, let’s be real here. RV bathrooms just don’t have a lot of space to begin with. But having some bathroom storage has been a huge blessing and something we didn’t know we needed. There is a ton of storage in our Sprinter bathroom and it feels like a huge upgrade.

Full size refrigerator

As full-time RVers, it was important for us to have a big fridge/freezer space. Going to the grocery story multiple times a week just didn’t fit our busy lifestyle. The Keystone Sprinter has the space for a residential refrigerator, which was a huge selling point for us.

Great outside living space

The outdoor kitchen space was another huge selling point for us. We like to entertain and having a place to store our outdoor supplies was important. We are able to have friends and family over for dinner and we have everything we need right outside. The big awning shades the front of the RV, which makes it enjoyable to sit outside and helps to keep the RV cool.

Storage Space

The Keystone Sprinter also has a ton of extra storage space, which is something that we didn’t have in our travel trailer. Because we are stationary and store most of our extras in the barn, this wasn’t something we initially cared about. But it has been so nice to store things like extra toilet paper, paper towels, hammocks, and games there.

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