5 Things We Love To Do As A Family

Every family is different. From the people in it to the things that bring them together. It’s the beauty of being a part of a family. I never knew how amazing it would be to have a family of my own. Nothing brings me greater joy than being with my family. We laugh together, cry together, and so much more. Whatever I’m doing with my family is automatically sweet. But here are our favorite things to do together.

Things We Love To Do As A Family

We Love To Travel With Our Family

Our absolute favorite thing to do as a family is travel. And I don’t mean just our little family of four. I mean traveling with the whole family. Sure, we love going places with just our little family. We’ve made a ton of memories that way. But, traveling is so much better when we have the grandparents and uncle!

5 Things we love to do as a family - travel!

We Love To Have Picnic Dinners

Picnic dinners have quickly become one of my favorite things since we moved into the RV. Because our RV is so small, we use our outdoor space quite a bit. In the fall/winter, we love to eat outside as much as possible. There’s nothing better than sitting around the table, enjoying a delicious meal and great conversation with the people you love.

As an added bonus, we get to enjoy picnic dinners with the whole family! Did you know that we live on the same property as my in-laws? We really are one big happy family.

We Love To Go On Nature Hunts

Our kids love nature, therefore we love to go on nature hunts around the farm and neighborhood. It is so fun to get our binoculars and specimen jars and go out to see what kind of creatures we can find. We have learned all about the different types of beetles, bees, and lizards we have around the farm.

It’s even better when we take our nature hunts to the beach. Logan is the king of finding sea creatures and the best shells. The kids love to explore the beach with their dad and showing me all the things they find. It’s magically for littles.

We Love To Explore New Places

We love to find new places to explore. It doesn’t matter what it is, a park, farmers market, city, amusement park, we are up for exploring. We love to take in all the sights and sounds other places have to offer.

Logan is big on trying new restaurants and I’m big on trying to experiences. We are always looking for towns and cities that have both.

things we love to do as a family - explore new places

We Love To Go To Disney

Yes, we are that Disney family. We have matching shirts, all the gear, and do all things Disney. Logan grew up going to Disney as a kid and has turned our little family into Disney lovers. I’d be lying if I said we didn’t book Disney trips just because we are craving food that we could only get at Disney.

things we love to do as a family - Disney

What do you love doing with your family? If you’re looking to be more intentional about spending time with your kids, let this be your motivation. Make a list of all the things that you love to do together and start planning some adventures. They don’t have to be elaborate to be memorable. You’ll never regret the time you spent together.

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