14 Things Every RVer Should Know

RV and tiny living has become trendy in recent years. In our chaotic world, people are craving simplicity. This lifestyle definitely brings that and so much more. But, RV living isn’t for everything. There are definitely pros and cons, but there are also some things every RVer should know before jumping into the lifestyle.

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Things Every RVer Should Know

1. Black tanks have a smell

There’s really no way around it. At some point, the black tank will smell and it will smell bad. It’s usually a sign that the tank is full. But sometimes in just needs a good cleaning. If you travel frequently, make sure you empty and treat your tank before traveling. The movement and cleaner will work together to clean your tank and reset your sensors.

If you’re stationary, this can be more challenging. You will want to empty your tank regularly, like every 3-4 days depending on how many people are using it. After it’s emptied, continue to flush fresh water in it until the water is running clear. Fill it up 3/4 of the fresh water and add your cleaner. I’ll link our favorites for you.

2. You feel every movement

Big surprise! Your RV was meant to move. That’s a great thing for traveling, but not so great when you’re not on the road. Windy days and people walking around will make your RV sway. You can use all the jacks and stabilizers you want. You will still feel it. The good news, you will get used to it. Especially if you full-time in your RV.

3. The floors and walls are cold during winter

RVs are made of lightweight materials to make them easy to move. This means they are not well insulated. They can be incredibly cold in the winter months. There are ways to insulate your RV to help keep it warm, but you’ll still feel the cold. Living in Florida, this is not something we deal with very often. But the few days out of the year that it does drop below 60 degrees, we feel it!

4. Everything is hot in the summer

Being in Florida, the heat is something we deal with almost all year round. Just like it gets cold in the RV in the winter, it gets incredible hot in the summer. We’ve learned how to keep the RV cooler in the summer, but it still gets hot in the dead of summer. If it’s 100º+ outside, it’s at least 80º inside.

5. You hear a lot of outside noise

There’s really no way to block out the outside noise. Remember those lightweight materials? Yeah, they don’t keep the noise out. Or in for that matter. Consider this when planning out where you are staying. Avoid campgrounds near busy roads or in party areas if you are a light sleeper.

6. There’s no such thing as a long hot shower

You can take a hot shower or a long shower, but not both. RV water heaters are tiny but mighty. The water can get really hot, but there isn’t a whole lot of it.

This has been the biggest adjustment for me. I love long, hot showers. I’ve had to learn to turn the water off while shampooing and lathering up. I’m not a fan.

7. Clean your air filters regularly

RVs are dusty, like really dusty. Especially if you travel frequently. They are also really damp, so the air filters trap a lot of dust and moisture. Make sure you clean your air filters regularly. Clean air filters will be better for your healthy and the life of your AC. Your AC will work double time if your filters are dirty.

8. Invest in a good dehumidifier

Like I said, RVs are really damp. If you life in a humid place, your RV can get really damp inside. You’ll want to invest in a good dehumidifier. These can be pricey, but I promise it’s worth it. RVs are prone to mold if they stay damp.

9. RV parks fill up fast during season

If you’re traveling to a stay or city during their season, you’ll want to plan months in advance. RV parks fill up quickly, especially during season. If you are looking for a long-term spot or during a weekend, you’ll want to be prepared. In Florida, our busy season is winter. It’s incredibly hard to find an RV parks with availability between November and March.

10. Tires will pop

It’s inevitable, you will pop a tire at some point. It’s really scary when it happens, but it’s best to be prepared for it. Whenever you’re traveling, make sure you have a heavy duty jack and a spare tire. I also recommend having some kind of roadside assistance just in case. Sometimes those popped tires can cause a lot of damage.

11. Expect to do frequent maintenance

RVs need lots of maintenance. Things like checking the wear and tear of tires, checking the roof and seals for leaks, checking lights. If you buy a new RV under warranty, these are things you have to take care of so you don’t void your warranty. But, they should be done anyway. If you do your monthly, quarterly, and bi-annually maintenance, you can avoid most major issues.

12. Travel days are nerve-racking

Whether you live in your RV or not, travel days are nerve-racking. But, if you are traveling with your home and all of your belongs, you’ll most likely feel anxiety. Even if you’re not naturally an anxious person. That’s a whole lot of responsibility and a whole lot of pressure. Take a deep breath and pray. You’ll make it!

13. Things will break

If you travel often, you’ll experience minor breaks from moving. And if you life in it full-time, there’s a good chance you’ll experience lots of minor issues and maybe even some major ones. It’s all part of the RV life. Find a good handyman or learn how to use some power tools.

14. The RV community is the best!

This community is the best! It takes a special person to live in an RV and most of those people are down to earth. I’ve never met so many people who are willing to give you tips and offer all of the advice they have. If you’re renovating, this community will give you all the tips. If you’re just getting started, they will answer all of your questions. It’s truly the most amazing community to be a part of.

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