Top 3 Things I Want To Renovate In Our RV

On yesterday’s post, I shared our 2021 Keystone Sprinter and the reasons we chose that model. We bought it brand new and haven’t done any renovations yet. Just like any sticks and bricks home, there are things we want to renovate in our RV to make it feel like home. In March, we will celebrate one year in our fifth wheel. I plan to start some minor renovations at that point. Here’s where I want to start.

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things we want to renovate in our RV

3 Things I Want To Renovate In Our RV

paint the walls white

In my opinion, white walls help a small space feel a little bigger. Currently, our RV has light gray walls, which isn’t terrible. But there is something so homey about white walls. Our travel trailer had white walls and woods tones and I miss that feel so much.

We have a dark gray island in the middle of the kitchen. I don’t mind the dark gray color, but it’s peeling where the kids have run toys into it and where we’ve spilt water while doing dishes. I’m feeling a nice pop of color for the island.

take down window valences

Have you ever been in an RV and noticed those heavy window valences? I don’t know why RV makers put those in RVs. They make the space feel dark and tight. They make our living room slide out feel so small. It will be the first thing I take out when we start to renovate.

I like the blackout blinds that came with our RV. I need to find a creative way to keep those without the valences. Maybe some cute curtains?

turn the washer/dryer cabinet into extra closet space

In the master bedroom, we have a cabinet with a washer/dryer hookup. If we were on the road full-time, I would definitely get a washer/dryer combo and utilize that space. But since we are stationary, we have don’t need one in our RV. It’s a tall, awkward space. I store my laundry basket in one side, but I want to make cabinets or something to utilize the other side.

There’s also a tallish cabinet above it. I assume it’s for laundry supplies. But since we don’t keep any of that in our RV, I want to make that space more useable. It’s currently a catch all/junk cabinet that could use some organization. It’s slanted in the back, as it’s the other side is the rounded front side of the fifth wheel. We would need to build shelves that could fit in that space.

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