Travel Bucket List – RV Edition

Do you ever look at someones social media and think “dang, I want to do that!”? This is me daily when I see RVers in cool places. I’m not the type to get envious over material things. But waking up on the beach, in the mountains, or on a canyon. That will make me envious! I have a travel bucket list of all the places around the world I want to go. It’s completely inspired by books, movies, shows, etc. But, my RV travel bucket list is inspired by fellow RVers. Let me show you a few!

travel bucket list - rv edition
Lion Country Safari KOA – West Palm Beach, Florida

RV Inspired Travel Bucket List


WOW! Who doesn’t want to wake up and have canyons and mountains out their front door? I can’t even imagine. These sights are breathtaking.


Hello there gorgeous snow covered mountains! I don’t exactly love the cold, but I wouldn’t mind having that view out of my bedroom window.


You really can’t go wrong with either of these views. If I’m going to boondock, it might as well be in the California hills or along the coast somewhere.


Do you see a trend going on here? Mountains, Deserts, Canyons… all the things we don’t have in Florida. Basically, I want to see everything that’s not Florida beaches. All of these RVers go to incredible places and have a lot to offer the RV community. If you want to be inspired, head over to Instagram and give them a follow!

As much as I would love to travel to all of these places in our RV, my dream is an east coast road trip. Hear me out! I would love to start in Maine and take a month or two and explore the entire east coast. Traveling the entire summer so I can escape the Florida heat. Who wants to come?!

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