Bucket List Travel Edition

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Do you have a bucket list? Or maybe multiple bucket lists? I do! I make a bucket list for almost everything. Whenever we travel, I make a destination bucket list, which includes all the things I would do at one place. It’s always fun to see how many we can check off. I even have a bucket list for all the things I want to do before I die.

But my most favorite to check off is my travel bucket list. The number one thing on my travel bucket list is to visit all 50 states with my kids before they graduate. That one will take a little longer to check off the list. But, there are specific destinations I want to visit too.

My Top 15 Travel Bucket List




Spain - travel bucket list




japan - travel bucket list



Dry Tortugas

dry tortugas - travel bucket list


White Sands National Park

Niagara Falls

Grand Canyon




Disclaimer: None of these pictures are my own. All images were gathered from google for inspiration. Click images for photo sources.

Isn’t God the most amazing artist?! He created the most beautiful places all around the world. There is so much to see, do, and experience.

Honestly, my list could go on forever. There are so many cool places out there and so many places left unexplored. I love gaining knowledge and experiences through travel. I may or may not get to explore all of these place in my lifetime, but I will never stop trying.

In my latest posts, I shared my favorite destinations from 2021 and our travel plans for 2022. Unfortunately, none of my bucket list places are that list for this year. But we are crossing off a new state or two this year.

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