Our 2022 Travel Plans

Let’s be real, we wouldn’t be the Hawley Family if we actually had a plan. 90% of our travel plans are made last minute, with very little planning. We decide to go somewhere and then within a month or two, we go. Does that make for a good travel blogger? I don’t really know. But that’s how we operate over here.

Instead of making concrete plans, we make a list of the places we want to go and see how many we get to that year. More often than not, we pick an activity or season we want to experience. When it comes time, we find a place to do it. For example, this year for Christmas we want to go somewhere cold. Where? Right now, I have no idea. We will figure that out in October…or November. We wing it, remember.

Does that stress you out?! Sometimes it stresses me out. But, at the same time, the spontaneity is exhilarating. Yesterday, I shared The Best Places We Visited in 2021. Now let’s check out what’s in store for 2022.

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2022 Travel Plans


January is the month of theme parks. We just got home from a weekend at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. Next up is a trip to Legoland. Followed by two trips to Disney. Disney’s Festival of the Arts at Epcot begins this month. We’ve never been and I am so excited to check it out with the kids.


Our theme park trips continue this month with a visit to Seaworld.

We will also be spending a week on Sanibel with my parents. This is more of a staycation for us, but it’s a vacation all the same. Sanibel may be one of the most beautiful islands and we are lucky enough to live nearby.


Heading back to Disney for Epcot’s Flower & Garden Festival. If you’ve never been to Epcot during one of their festivals, I highly recommend it. Disney goes all out for all the things and these festivals are no different. The Flower & Garden Festival is absolutely beautiful.


Logan and Kenny are doing a bro trip to Las Vegas to celebrate Kenny’s 21st birthday. I’m a little jealous, but there’s still time to crash their trip!


Our annual beach week at Fort Myers Beach begins on Memorial Day weekend. Another staycation? Who do we think we are? In case you think you have to travel far away for it to count as a vacation, here is your friendly reminder that you CAN vacation in your own city.

Other Travel Plans

June is the beginning of our homeschool journey. My goal is to do a lot of local exploration and experience all that Southwest Florida has to offer. We have some of the most beautiful beaches and we are so close to the Everglades. There are so many cool science experiences we can have in our own backyard. I just got some Florida travel books and I’m excited to dive into them.

My 30th birthday is in August and I really want to go somewhere with a change of scenery. I want to see mountains and waterfalls and cliffs. And do lots of hiking. I have Maine on the brain, but who knows where we will end up.

Since we have Disney passes, I want to make it a point to go for all of the special events, festivals, and holiday celebrations. It’s something our kids love to do and it’s fun for the whole family.

For Christmas this year, I would like to go somewhere cold. Unintentionally, we have gone up north every other year for Christmas. If we follow that pattern, this would be the year we go somewhere in the north.

I have been wanting to go to the Keys for a few years now. Will this be the year we go? Who knows. I’ve been eyeing some really nice RV resorts down that way. Maybe I can convince Logan to make it one of our RV trips.

Like I said, we don’t plan ahead very well. I’m impressed that we have the first half of the year planned as much as we do! Follow along on our social media platforms to see where we actually go this year!

We are one week into our 31 day blog challenge and I’m having a ton of fun sharing with you guys. Check back in each day for a new post. Better yet, subscribe to our email list and get notified when new content goes live.

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