RV Life From a Kid’s Perspective

It’s easy to ask an adult the pros and cons to RV life, but what about the kid’s perspective? There are so many families out there who have chosen the RV lifestyle for various reasons. Whatever those reasons are, there’s a good chance the kids weren’t part of the conversation prior to making the lifestyle change. Our kids were one and three when we started this journey. Too young to understand what was happening. But now that we’ve lived in our RV for two years, it’s time to get our kids perspective on RV life.

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rv life from a kids perspective

RV Life: A Kid’s Perspective

I asked these five questions to Madison, our five-year-old daughter. Her answers were exactly what you would expect from a five-year-old, but it was so cute listening to her talk about our RV life. Here is RV life from Madison’s perspective.

1. What do you like most about living in an RV?

Well, I like that we got a new RV because now you and me both have a room. My room has lots of room for my toys. Brother and I have a table and a toy box in our room. Our toy box has lots of toys in it. All my favorites actually.

I really like that we live next to Gaga, Papa, Uncle, and Rocky Dog. It’s so fun to have our whole family together.

Oh, I also really like that our RV is on the farm. We have so many animals that I love. I think we should get some more animals, like a kitty and a horse.

2. What is your least favorite thing about living in an RV?

Least favorite is something I don’t like right? Well, I don’t like taking showers. I really wish that our RV had a bathtub. Our old RV had a bathtub and I really liked that.

It’s also really cold in the morning. I don’t want to get out of my bed when it’s really cold. It hurts my feet. I’m glad we have a fireplace though. I really like to sit in front of the fireplace with you and cuddle in the morning.

Sometimes our potty stinks and I don’t like that. When daddy forgets to empty it, it smells like poop. It’s really disgusting.

3. Do you think our house is too small?

It’s a little small, but I think it’s perfect for our family. It doesn’t take me a long time to clean my room, especially when daddy helps me pick up my toys.

I’m excited for daddy to build us a big house though. This house is perfect until he can build us a new one.

4. Do you like sharing a room with your brother?

Yes I do. But I don’t like when he wakes me up at night. Sometimes he turns his light on and it keeps me awake.

I like that my brother is always with me. If we didn’t share a room, I would be afraid of the dark. I know that if I’m ever scare, he’s there to protect me.

5. Where is the coolest place we’ve taken the RV?

Lion Country Safari was my favorite! It was so cool. I love animals and it was so fun to sleep with them. Remember when we heard the lions roaring from the swimming pool? We could even hear the lions when we woke up in the morning. It was so fun! I want to go back there again.

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So, there you have it! RV life from a kid’s perspective. So often we hear that we are ruining our kids by making them live like this. But the reality is, they are more content now than they have ever been. They are the happiest kids you will ever meet. They are not lacking anything, especially not love and attention.

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