Why I Set Monthly Goals and You Should Too!

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May is coming and that means it is time to plan out my monthly goals. Many people set yearly goals or resolutions, but what keeps them on track to reach those goals? For me, monthly goal setting keeps me focused and working towards those bigger goals. Here are 5 reasons why I set monthly goals and you should too!

woman in yellow pants
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5 Reasons Why I Set Monthly Goals

1. They help me achieve my long-term goals.

Do you have a 1, 5 or 10 year plan? I do! Sometimes it’s hard to see progress on those long-term goals and it’s easy to become defeated. I use monthly goals to keep me motivated and keep taking baby steps towards those big goals. I work backwards from my long-term goals and break it down into yearly, quarterly, and monthly goals.

For example, our 5 year goal is to build our dream home for cash. That’s HUGE! Like $600,000 huge! That number intimidates me and feels kind of far-fetched. So, I break it down.

$600,000/5 years = $120,000 per year (yearly savings goal)

$120,000/12 months = $10,000 per month (monthly savings goal)

From there, I can set monthly goals to hit that mark. Whether it be a goal to cut back on my spending or a goal for financial growth, it doesn’t matter as long as my monthly goals are helping me take steps towards that long-term goal.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that your goals need to be MEASURABLE! Maybe your goal is to have a fit lifestyle. That’s great, but not measurable. Think about what a fit lifestyle would look like and turn it into measurable goals i.e. cook 5 low-carb meals a week, work out 5x per week, lose x amount of weight, gain x amount of muscle mass. Those are measurable monthly goals that would help you to achieve that long-term goal of a fit lifestyle.

2. They keep me accountable.

I can be very lazy and unmotivated if I don’t have a plan or something seems too far out of reach. Setting monthly goals keeps me accountable to growing, challenging myself, and making moves towards my long-term goals.

As a new blogger, my success is determined by my willingness to work hard and push myself. No one cares whether I succeed or fail besides me (and maybe my husband). There’s no one to hold me accountable or pushing me to grow. My monthly goals are my accountability partner so to speak. I set goals that are going to push me out of my comfort zone, force me to stay consistent, and help me grow.

3. They encourage me to try new things, cross something off my bucket list, or do something scary!

I love to travel, try new things, and I have a really long bucket list. But, these are the things that get put on the back burner and lost in the mundane of everyday life. Especially with kids! Sometimes I forget about my goals and dreams, while trying to create a beautiful life for my kids. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Every month, I set at least one goal with the simple purpose of bringing joy to my life. It’s focused around something I love and will bring me an experience, either that month or in the near future. Some months, it’s to save for or plan a family vacation or weekend getaway for my spouse and I. Other times, it’s to try a new restaurant or local hot spot, check out a nearby city, or a family experience. Whether it’s something big or small, plan for it and make it happen!

Don’t let the month pass you by and realize you did nothing that brings you joy.

If you’re looking for new things to add to your summer bucket list, check out our Ultimate Summer Bucket List.

4. They help me form new habits.

Let’s face it, we all have bad habits we wish we could quit and have new habits we want to adopt. Personally, I want to give up added sugar and eat more whole foods. And I want to quit watching tv before bed and read a book instead. These are all good habits to start, but they won’t happen if I don’t plan to make them a priority.

Every month, I try to either give up something I know isn’t great for me or implement something I wish I was doing. It’s one month. I can do anything for a month, right?! If it doesn’t work or isn’t fulfilling me, I can try something new the following month. But I’ll never know if I don’t try.

5. They help me grow.

Monthly goals help me grow spiritually, mentally, personally and professionally. I set goals that are going to push me out of my comfort zone, challenge me, and get me closer to where I want to be.

Tackling my monthly goals with a growth mindset pushes me past my own limitations. There are months when my goals are a little audacious, but even if I fail, there are lessons to be learned. But when I hit those audacious goals, I’m on FIRE and ready to crush goals the following month. I try not to let me fear of failure stop me from setting big goals. That’s growth in and of itself!

Why Should You Set Monthly Goals?

As the saying goes, small steps lead to big changes. Monthly goals are those small steps you can take to reach BIG goals. Even if your self-motivated and achieving great things, I know there are things you wish you were doing or working towards. Don’t push those things off, start now!

A new month means a fresh start. It’s a chance to refocus and re-evaluate where you are and where you want to be. Maybe you had a really crappy month and you need to get yourself out of a rut. Set monthly goals that will motivate you to do just that. Or maybe you had a really awesome month and aren’t sure how you could top it. I promise, you can if you have the right mindset! Set those monthly goals, friends. Make them personal. Make them challenging. Or make them fun. Whatever you do, do it for YOU.

My goals for May 2021

1. Send out my first newsletter

Fun fact, I’ve never sent out an email or newsletter to my subscribers before. The idea actually totally overwhelms me. What do people even put in a weekly email or newsletter?! Well, we are all going to find out because this month i’m sending out my FIRST newsletter. Let’s be real, this might take me all month to figure out and it might look like a disaster. But I’m doing it anyway! Don’t miss it. Drop your email to subscribe to my blog and get my first ever newsletter sometime this month.

2. Read a personal development book

I love reading and I really miss reading to learn. Maybe that’s why I loved college. But I honestly HATE reading personal/professional development books. I always find them boring and hard to get through. I have a really bad habit of starting one and quitting half way through. I’m determined to get through one this month.

Honestly, this goal is kind of two-fold. I want to use this as a time to grow personally and learn about myself. But I also want to use this as an opportunity to grow my social media platforms and influence. I’m a firm believer that in order to have an impact or influence, you have to know what other people are interested in and looking for. I can’t do that if I’m unwilling to grow and learn and leave my own little bubble. So this is me, leaving my comfortable little bubble in order to grow and share it with you.

But with that being said, I have no idea what PD books are “in” right now. So, what are you reading or wanting to read? What books have had an impact on your life? Drop a message and leave me some book recommendations.

3. Visit somewhere new in our city

I thrive off of a change of scenery and getting away is great for my mental health. But with our busy schedules, it’s not feasible to travel every month. This month I’m challenging myself to find something new to do in our own city. Maybe we try a new restaurant, do an activity, have a family day out, or a date night. I don’t know what that looks like yet, but the possibilities are endless. There are so many places in our city we haven’t been to yet.

4. Create a free resource

Honestly, I have NO CLUE what this is going to be and it’s kind of one of those audacious goals. From what I’ve been reading, one of the best ways to grow your blog or social media is to have free resources available to your readers. I know that I love free resources and they draw me to blogs, but I have no idea how to create one. I also don’t know what I’m knowledgable enough about to create a resource around. But if I don’t try, I’ll never know, right?! I’m also putting it out there for all of you to read, because accountability. Leave me a comment letting me know something you would be interested in.

It’s a new month and another chance to start fresh. Don’t let another month go by without setting goals and taking sets toward achieving your dreams. Whether your goals are personal or professional, if you don’t plan for them, they won’t happen. Take a few minutes today to jot down some things you want to accomplish this month. Turn them into measurable goals and go after them! Head over to Instagram and share your goals with me!

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  1. Goal setting is so important. I was so wrapped up in other things that I forgot to set them for April. I need to set them for May before I forget and the month passes by. Thanks for the reminder and the great tips!

  2. Loved this post – I’m a huge fan of setting goals (and being a nerd about it – haha). Good luck this month with all those big goals! Don’t over think your email communications too much – just start consistently talking to your people – my two cents!

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