6 Types of Goals to Set in 2022

We are all familiar with New Years Resolutions and setting annual goals, but how do we set goals that will make us better humans? And, how do we set goals that we will actually stick to?

Start by looking at your long term goals. If you don’t have those, I highly recommend taking some time to think about where you want to be in 5 or 10 years. From there, think about steps you can take this year that will get you closer to those goals. Next, think about how you want to grow this year. I like to break my goals down into 6 categories.

6 Categories for Goal Setting

1. Spiritual

I’m a Bible-believing Christian, so I set yearly goals that will grow my relationship with the Lord. Typically, these goals get me in the Word everyday and mediating on His truths.

Whatever your beliefs are, make it a point to dive in. Focusing on your spiritual health will help you grow in other areas, I promise. Don’t neglect this!

2. Personal

Your mind and body fall under the personal category. How do you want to grow your mind, your character, and what qualities are you looking to gain this year? And what about your fitness goals?

Maybe you want to read more, find a hobby, journal, or get a daily rhythm. Or maybe you’re really adventurous and you want to run a marathon. You can do all of those things if you set personal goals for yourself.

3. Relational

Let’s face it, the last two years have made it really hard to focus on relationships. We’ve been a little isolated, working from home, and lacking face-to-face communication. Our relationship skills are slowly dwindling.

Yet, we were created to do life together and live in community. Make your people a priority this year. Invest in your family and friends or make new ones. Don’t do life alone in 2022!

4. Career

Do you love your job and are content with where you are? Set goals that will help you improve your skills or learn a new skillset that would make your job easier.

Do you hate your job? Make a career change, move to a new position, or start your own business. Find something you love and go after it.

Maybe you don’t have a career yet. That’s okay. Use this time to figure out what interests you. Learn new skills. Research. Read.

5. Travel

Adventure is calling and you must go! Whether you travel often or hardly ever, we all could use a little adventure. But, travel doesn’t just happen. For most of us, it’s something we have to plan out and budget for.

Now, I realize travel is tricky right now. There are many places that have strict mandates and restrictions, but that doesn’t mean you travel is cancelled. Do research your research and find a place (or places) that best fits you.

If you aren’t up for traveling just yet, explore your town or city. This year I’m making it a goal to adventure in our backyard (actual home, our city, surrounding areas). If you’re looking for at-home travel ideas, follow along on Instagram.

6. Finance

You know that thing that’s all-consuming and top stressor for most people. Yep, it’s money. Make it your goal to eliminate that stress as much as possible this year. Create a budget, make a savings plan, cut back your spending, start a side business. Whatever it takes to give yourself financial freedom this year.

Goal setting is meant to be personal and help YOU grow. If you’re starting this year feeling overwhelmed, focus on one or two of these categories and really dive in. Or maybe you are starting this year like me, ready to tackle all the things. Then jot down all six of these categories and make a plan for the new year. The beautiful thing about your goals, is you get to choose what they are!

After you come up with your yearly goals, don’t forget to write monthly goals to help you achieve them. Setting monthly goals will hold you accountable and help you see where your focus should be. If you want to know how I set my goals, check out Why I Set Monthly Goals and You Should Too.

My Goals For 2022

  1. Find a home church
  2. Daily scripture writing
  3. Daily devotions
  1. Read 12 books
  2. Journal daily
  3. Set monthly goals
  4. Find a hobby
  1. Plan a monthly date night
  2. Attend marriage counseling
  3. Have a weekly family day
  4. Do at least one intentional activity with the kids a week (each kid has their own activity)
  1. 10k followers on Instagram
  2. Post daily on social media
  3. Make a monthly profit from social media
  4. Write 52 blog posts
  5. Take a photography course
  1. Visit 3 new states
  2. Visit a national park
  3. Go to 10 state parks
  4. Four RV trips
  1. Cut grocery budget
  2. Stick to monthly budget
  3. 2 new investment accounts
  4. One ‘no spend’ week per month

WOW! Seeing those all written out is a little overwhelming! But, I’m putting them out there so I have accountability. Let’s push each other to do big things this year! Comment your goals and let’s make 2022 one for the books.

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