100 Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Kids :: Ultimate Summer Bucket List

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The weather is getting warmer, which means it’s time to get outside! I don’t know about you, but I long for spring and summer when we can spend most of our time outdoors. My kids are the happiest and the most content when we are playing outside, especially when we do fun things as a family. As we head into spring and summer, you might be feeling overwhelmed about your kids being out of school AGAIN, or maybe your kids never went back and you’re running out of things to do with them. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Here are 100 kid-friendly outdoor activities to do with your kids this summer.

100 Kid-Friendly Outdoor Activities

  1. Have a Picnic
  2. Go to a Park
  3. Go on a Nature Walk
  4. Swim in a pool or lake
  5. Visit a beach
  6. Plant a fruit or veggie garden – you could also plant an herb garden
  7. Create a fairy garden – a fairy garden starter kit is a great way to spark creativity
  8. Go boating – rent a boat or do a sunset cruise
  9. Explore a new city
  10. Play i spy – wildlife, insects, or nature
  11. Draw with sidewalk chalk or sidewalk paint
  12. Water table play or water sensory bin – check out this blog post all about sensory bins
  13. Run through a sprinkler – create a rainbow with a hose
  14. Play in a sandbox – build your own or create one with a sensory bin
  15. Ride bikes
  16. Fly Kites
  17. Blow bubbles
  18. Play Backyard Games – build your own with these step-by-step directions for Yardzee, Dominoes, Tic-Tac-Toe
  19. Hula Hoop
  20. Roller Skate
  21. Hopscotch
  22. Outdoor painting/crafts – paint the scenery or use nature to paint (leaves, twigs, flowers, etc)
  23. Make a bird feeder with pinecones, peanut butter, and birdseed
  24. Have a bonfire and make smores
  25. Make homemade popsicles and eat them outside
  26. Have a water balloon fight
  27. Play wiffle ball or t-ball
  28. Make mud pies or mud sculptures
  29. Have a nature photoshoot
  30. Stargaze
  31. Make fresh squeezed lemonade and make a lemonade stand
  32. Find cloud shapes
  33. Lay in a hammock – read a book
  34. Camp in the backyard or plan a camping trip
  35. Paint Rocks
  36. Try a new sport
  37. Bowl in the dark – fill 2 liter bottles with glow sticks
  38. Catch lightning bugs
  39. Go berry picking at a local farm
  40. Play flashlight tag
  41. Play putt putt
  42. Jump rope – learn a trick
  43. Play simon says
  44. Play red light, green light
  45. Paint flower pots
  46. Plant flowers
  47. Make twig frames
  48. Create a nature journal – draw pictures of things you see outside or collect leaves and flowers to tap into your journal
  49. ABC scavenger hunt – find something that starts with every letter of the alphabet
  50. Shaving cream wars
  51. Skip rocks at a local creek or pond
  52. Climb a tree
  53. Go kayaking or canoeing
  54. Have a trike/bike wash
  55. Make rain art – smash up old or broken chalk pieces and sprinkle it on the sidewalk. watch what happens
  56. Create a boat and float it
  57. Create paper airplanes and fly them on a breezy day
  58. Design your own obstacle course in the backyard
  59. Egg drop – make a safe structure for your egg and see how high you can drop it from without breaking
  60. Dig for worms
  61. Visit a local farmers market
  62. Play at a local splash bad or make your own
  63. Go to the zoo
  64. Visit a theme park
  65. Go horseback riding
  66. Build a sandcastle
  67. Crayon rubbings – put different objects under your paper, color the paper with a crayon, and see what design the leave behind. you could also put paper on different surfaces to see what it leaves behind
  68. Build an outdoor fort
  69. Make a slip n’ slide – use a tarp, dish soap, and garden use.
  70. Bird watching
  71. Dance in the rain
  72. Watch the sunrise or sunset
  73. Visit somewhere new
  74. Go to a local festival
  75. Find four leaf clovers
  76. Walk a preserve or nature trail
  77. Go on an eco tour
  78. Have a backyard movie night
  79. Play capture the flag
  80. Organize a neighborhood game
  81. Host a themed playdate
  82. Go geocaching
  83. Visit a local farm
  84. Go to a petting zoo
  85. Create a treasure map – hide treasure somewhere in your backyard or that park, create a map and have someone else look for your treasure.
  86. Have a bike parade – decorate bikes and ride around your neighborhood
  87. Go shell hunting
  88. Go for a hike
  89. Play board games or card games outside
  90. Have a grill out
  91. Collect rocks/leaves
  92. Plant a tree
  93. Go to an outdoor show or concert
  94. Go to a carnival or fair
  95. Read a book under a tree
  96. Go sightseeing around your town/city
  97. Have an ice cream or shaved ice date
  98. Go fishing
  99. Jump on a trampoline
  100. Play your own version of survivor

You can print out or write down these ideas and see how many you can fit into your summer, or you could use this as a guide to create your own summer bucket list. Another great way to use it is to create adventure jars. I would create three jars – home adventures, local adventures, vacation adventures. Write each adventure on a slip of paper, fold it up, and drop it into the jar. When your kids are bored or you are trying to plan your week, let your kids pick out of the adventure jar. Wide mouth jars are the best to use for this because your hand fits in and out easily. For a little extra fun, you can grab some chalk markers and let your kids decorate the jars. Make that #101!

There are so many unique ways to make connections with your kids and have a blast this summer. Remember, these years go by quickly and you will never get this summer back. If you use this list, tag us on instagram so we can see all of your adventures and share!

Happy Summer!

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