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July Preview. American Flag

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July Preview

Hello July! We welcome you with open arms. I have no idea how it’s July already, but here we go. We are spending the entire month in Pennsylvania and our plans are pretty low-key. We have a lot of unknowns happening, so I have no doubt our low-key month will be filled to the brim in no time!

Logan is Coming!

Logan is coming in July!

Logan is coming TOMORROW! I could not be more excited. Feeling like a single parent the last couple of weeks has given me a greater appreciation for my husband and all the ways he takes care of us. Not to mention, absence really does make the heart grow fonder. I miss him and cannot wait to see him!

The kids miss daddy a lot too. I’ve been filling their days with daily adventures and lots of playtime to distract them, but bedtime is brutal. Logan is the bedtime guy in our house and it has been really hard for them to not have him to cuddle with and tuck them in.

Logan is only in town for the weekend, but we are excited to celebrate the 4th of July with him.

4th of July

Lititz Springs Park is the place to go for 4th of July celebrations. I grew up going to the park with friends every year. There is so much to do and I know my kids would love it.

Currently, it’s supposed to rain all weekend. If it does, we will escape to the beach to visit some family. If you’ve been around the blog for awhile, you know we are pretty spontaneous and probably won’t have a set plan until the day before. It’s how we roll.

The In-Laws Are Visiting

My in-laws are going to be in Delaware for a week visiting family. Madison is so excited to see her Gaga & Papa and Maverick is extra excited to see Uncle Ken. Maybe they will come up and visit. Maybe we will go down to Delaware. Maybe both. Who knows. Stay tuned!

You know when the Hawley’s are together it’s always a good time. You can follow along on Instagram stories to see what adventures we end up going on.

More Daily Adventure

Parks in July
July at the Bird-In-Hand Family Inn
Starsburg Railroad, Lancaster County PA

When we got to PA, I started what we call “our daily adventures”. Basically, each day I take the kids to do something fun. Sometimes our daily adventure is planned and other times we wing it based on the weather. We’ve only gone through half of “must do” things, so we will have to cross the rest off of our list this month.

Some of the big things we want to do are: Hershey Park & Hershey’s Chocolate World, Dutch Wonderland, Longwood Gardens, Diggerland USA, Turkey Hill Experience, Rough & Tumble Engineers Museum.

Travel Guides Coming Soon

Lancaster County Travel Guides. Strasburg Railroad. Strasburg Pennsylvania

We’ve been all over Lancaster County, scoping out the best things to see and do for families. Lancaster County offers so many family-friendly experiences. From its Amish Culture to its unique history, there is so much to see and do. Growing up here gives me an advantage!

This month we will be checking out a variety of places so we can put together travel guides for the area. The travel guides will focus on Amish Experiences, kid-friendly activities, local shopping, parks & trails, history, and good eats. If you’re coming to the area in the near future or looking for a new place to explore, you won’t want to miss this. Subscribe to the blog so you are notified when the posts go live!

Follow on LTK

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You can shop my feed directly from the app or the SHOP MY FEED page on my blog.

July Goals

If you’ve read my post about monthly goals, then you already know I like to start the month off by setting personal and professional goals. In May, I set some pretty lofty goals that stretched me more than I was prepared for in a busy season. I didn’t come close to meeting those goals and felt defeated in June. So, this month I scaled back and am focusing on consistency. Here are my goals:

Read the Bible Everyday
Read & Write for 30 Minutes Per Day
One Blog Post a Week
Post on Social Media & LTK Everyday

My goal is to be productive everyday. Setting these easy to achieve goals will help me be more productive and get in a routine that will help me hit the ground running when we are back home in August.

Who is ready to hit some goals this month?! I certainly am. The best way to build community is to get connected on social media.

Let’s Get Social!

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