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Peppermint is another versatile oil and it’s known for its invigorating, minty scent. Peppermint has a stimulating aroma that is great for creating a focused environment and encouraging productivity. It has a high menthol content, giving it a cooling sensation that is beneficial for sore muscles, head tension, pain relief, and inflammation. Peppermint is commonly used for cold and allergy relief because it is great for opening airways and clearing sinuses. It’s also used for cleaning to add a fresh, minty scent to your room or laundry.

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Peppermint is a warm oil, so dilution is recommended for sensitive skin. A great rule of thumb is a 1-4 ratio. 1 drop of oil to 4 drops carrier oil. The most common carrier oils are ,,fractionated coconut oil*, ,,jojoba oil*, ,,almond oil*, ,,argon oil*, ,,grapeseed oil*.

Add 10-30 drops to a 10mL ,,glass roller bottle* and top with carrier oil. Roll on sore muscles after a workout or on the chest to open up airways. Roll on temples to relieve headaches.

Add 1-2 drops to the top of your head as headache relief.

Add 1-2 drops to the back of your neck to cool off on a hot day.


Add 4-6 drops of Peppermint into your diffuser for a minty fresh scent. Peppermint is great for creating a focused environment for work, online learning, or after school studying. It’s also great to diffuse after an intense workout to help open up your chest/lungs to breathe easier. Peppermint is also great for helping you wake up in the morning or after an afternoon nap.

Add 1-2 drops into the palm of your hands and take a few deep breaths. Rub your hands through your hair and allow it to be a natural diffuser.

You can diffuse Peppermint by itself or with other oils. My favorite Peppermint diffuser blends can be found at the bottom of the page.


Peppermint is part of the vitality line, which means it can be ingested. Peppermint adds a cool, minty fresh flavor to your favorite recipes. It is great for culinary use and as a digestive supplement, as it is good for easing gastrointestinal discomfort.

Add 1-2 drops in a ,,vegetable capsule* and take after a large meal or daily to support gut health.

Add 1 drop to your water during workouts or in the morning to promote a productive day.

Add 1 drop to a cup of hot chocolate to make a delicious Peppermint hot chocolate.

Add 5-10 drops to your favorite brownie or chocolate cake mix for a minty flavor. ,,Here is a recipe for peppermint brownies!

Add 1 drop to your tongue to freshen your breath.

Peppermint is fresh, invigorating, and gives a cooling sensation, making it a very versatile oil. There are so many ways to use Peppermint Essential Oil in your daily life and here are a few of my favorites:

Invigorating Bath

-1-2 Cups Epsom Salt*

-4 drops Peppermint

Add to a warm bath and soak. This is great for after an intense workout or when you need a pick me up to finish your day.

Sinus Shower Bomb

Metal Tea Diffuser*

-1 Tablespoon Epsom Salt*

-5 drops Peppermint

-5 drops Eucalyptus

Mix together Epsom salt and Essential Oils. Fill tea diffuser with salts. Hang in your hot shower when your congested or need breathing support.

Chest Rub

-1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil*

-5 drops Peppermint

-5 drops Eucalyptus

Mix together Coconut Oil and Essential Oils. Rub all over chest when you’re congested or need breathing support. If you’re fighting a cold or sinus, you can make a large batch and store in an airtight glass jar*. I recommend 1/2 cup of coconut oil and 10-15 drops of each oil for a large batch.

Headache Roller

-10 mL roller bottle*

Fractionated Coconut Oil*

-10 drops Peppermint

-10 drops Copaiba

-10 drops Panaway

Add oils to roller bottle and top with fractionated coconut oil. Roll on your temples, back of neck, and shoulders for headache relief.

Tub/Sink Scrub

-1 Cup Baking Soda

-1/4 Cup Thieves Cleaner (Optional)

-1 teaspoon White Vinegar

-10 drops Peppermint

-10 drops Lemon

Mix together and sprinkle in your tub and sink. Let sit for 5-10 minutes. scrub clean. For stuck on stains, sprinkle mixture in your tube or sink and spray vinegar directly on top. Let sit for a few minutes and scrub. Other great oils to use in this recipe are thieves and pine. Store in mason jar* or recycle a sauce or jelly jar.

Dryer Ball Spray

-3 oz Glass Spray bottle*

Wool Dryer Balls*

-10 drops Peppermint

-10 drops Lemon

Add oils to spray bottle and fill with filtered water. Spray generously on wool dryer balls. Add to dryer to replace dryer sheets.

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