10 Reasons You Should Visit Florida This Winter

Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, constant sunshine, and warm weather. There are countless outdoor activities to enjoy all year long. After living here for eight years, I’ve decided it’s the best place to visit in the winter. By the busy roads and packed restaurants, I’d have to say others agree too.

While it’s snowing and -10 degrees in most of the northern hemisphere, it’s sunny and 75º in Florida. It’s the perfect weather to get outside and explore. Escape the winter blues and head to Florida for all that it has to offer this time of year.

Things To Do In Florida This Winter

1. Go to the beach

Who doesn’t love sitting on the beach with an ice cold drink in the middle of winter?! The best part of Florida is going to the beach all year long. Sure, the water is colder, but the sun is still hot! South Florida has the best beaches, especially during the wintertime.

2. Walk in the state parks

Winter is the perfect time to hike in the state parks and see lots of creatures. When the water temperatures drop, alligators like to sunbathe on the banks to keep warm. It’s almost a guarantee to see an alligator during the winter months. Not only for the creatures, but you’ll see lots of plants and trees native to Florida as well.

3. Visit the Everglades

The Everglades is an experience like none other, but it’s my favorite during the winter months. You can still do all the things, like airboat roads and swamp buggies. But, you do it with less mosquitoes. That’s a major plus in my book.

4. Kayak in the lakes or canals

You can enjoy all the beautiful Florida waterways by kayak or canoe during the winter months. Have you ever seen a manatee? There’s a good chance of seeing one kayak in the winter. They like to come to the surface to stay warm. Just like in the Everglades, the lakes and canals have less mosquitoes in the cooler months. It just makes all things outdoors that much better. Not to mention, you can kayak without being drenched in sweat in two minutes. That’s always a positive.

5. Boating the Gulf of Mexico

There is nothing better than boating on the Gulf of Mexico. The water is calm and see through. You can see tons of sea creatures and birds out on the water. Fishing is great and it’s not too hot to spend all day on the water.

6. Golfing

Florida is known for its world renown golf courses. If you’re a golfer, Florida is the best place to work on your game in the winter. You can golf and drink all day in the beautiful sunshine.

7. Go to Disney

Oh, and let’s not forget about the happiest place on earth! Disney is the best in the winter. Don’t get me wrong, Disney is great any time of the year. But, I personally like it a whole lot more in the winter. January and February are the least crowded months for Disney, especially during the weekdays. You can do all of your favorite things without the crowds and without sweating.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t mind waiting in an hour long line if it’s not 100º!

8. Berry Picking

Summer is berry season pretty much everywhere else, except Florida. Winter/Spring are our berry picking seasons. Head to a local farm, pick fresh berries, and enjoy the warm weather.

Did I mention there’s a whole festival of strawberries?! Every winter, Plant City hosts a Strawberry Festival. Vendors from all over the state come to sell products at the festival. As you probably guessed, the entire festival is about strawberries! You’d be surprised what someone can put strawberries in.

9. Visit Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center is a really neat place to visit, especially for kids. There is so much to see and do there. You could spend an entire day exploring the campus. KSC is located on Merritt Island, which has its own attractions, like walking tours, boating, water sports, and fishing.

10. Daytona International Speedway

Are you a Nascar fan? Personally, I’m not. But I have many family members who are and they always rave about Daytona International Speedway. The Daytona 500 happens every winter and is a great reason for Nascar lovers to visit Florida.

It’s probably no surprise that I enjoy pretty much everything about Florida in the wintertime. Honestly, you can do these things all year round here. I, for one, enjoy them a whole lot more when it’s not miserably hot. Can you tell I’m not a fan of the heat?!

So, what are you waiting for?! Start planning your Florida vacation NOW! Find out how to budget for your trip here. And if you find yourself in Southwest Florida, don’t forget to say hi!

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