Why I Choose A Word Of The Year And You Should Too!

Have you ever sat down and thought, “what do I need more of in my life?”. I do a lot. Specifically at the beginning of each year. Sure, writing goals and resolutions can be a great thing. But what do we do when we fail? Or, better yet. What do we do when we succeed. What’s next? That’s what at word of the year is for.

Having a word or theme for the year gives you focus. It’s an idea you can come back to time and time again. When you’re feeling off track or out of focus, use your word of theme to guide you back.

Choosing a word of the year is rather simple. Think about what you are missing from your life, what you need more of, or an attribute you want to grow. Your word could be specific like pray, breathe, consistency, family, learn. Or it can be more abstract and less measurable like peace, worthy, capable, mindful. The purpose of the word is to help you set your intentions for the year, month, or even day.

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My Word For 2022

Cultivate – v. to protect and encourage the growth of; to cause to grow by special attention

cultivate - word of the year 2022

As I look around at the world today, I see so much emptiness. There are adults who are too busy and children who are craving connection. I want better for myself and my kids. My greatest desire is to have a home that is rooted in faith, trust, and love. While we do a decent job at it, decent just isn’t enough for me anymore. I only have so many years at home with my kids. Those years need to count.

A home grounded in faith, love, and trust doesn’t just happen. It takes time to cultivate that environment and those relationships. That’s my focus for this year. I’m taking the time to slow down, cut back the schedules and to-do lists, and creating a space where we all can grow.

I’m becoming a student again. A student of my kids and my spouse. Why? Because I can’t encourage and grow a relationship with someone that I don’t know deeply. Sure, I know my family. But I want to really know them. I want to know the things the like, dislike, semi-like. Their thoughts, feelings, ideas. I want to hear them, like really hear them. Even more than that, I want to know how to love and serve them.

So, here’s to the year of cultivating the life and home I’ve always imagined. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

What is your word for the year? Tell me in the comments below.

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