4 Reasons You Should Travel More in 2022

It’s no surprise that we love to travel. I mean, hello! This is a family travel blog. But, have you ever wondered why we love traveling or why we travel so much? Everyone’s motivations for traveling are different. Maybe you travel for pleasure or work. Whatever it is, you have your reasons. These are the reasons we travel and why we think you should too!

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Spend More Time With Family

Our number one reason for traveling often is to spend time together as a family. Logan has his own business and could work 24/7 if I let him. The business office is right next door, which means even when he’s home, he’s at work. The best way to have family time is to get away from home.

Getting away can give you more intentional time with your family, too! Pack a bag, load the car, and head out somewhere for the weekend. You could do all the things or nothing at all. But, be intentional.

Traveling doesn’t have to be elaborate. If your family needs quiet time together, book an airbnb close by and spend time playing games, reading, or whatever it is that brings your family joy.

Gain Experiences

Traveling gives you experiences you can’t get staying home. Whether you are traveling across the world, across the country, or across the street, there are still valuable experiences you can. You can see new scenery. Learn history. Experience a new culture. Meet new people. All of these things bring value to your life.

Our favorite thing about traveling is the experiences we are giving our kids. They get to learn history and science first hand. Traveling teaches them things they would never learn in school.

See More of the World

There’s a lot to see and learn out there. I grew up in a small town and rarely traveled. When we did travel, it was to the same places. I was missing out on so much. Not only did I miss out on so many experiences, but I missed out on all the world had to offer. Things I’m determined not to let my kids miss.

Have you ever hiked the Appalachian Trail? Gone sandboarding in White Sands National Park? Snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef? Walked the Great Wall of China? I haven’t! But, wouldn’t it be cool!

We travel to see more of the world. There is so much out there to explore. I want to see was much of it as possible.

Great For Mental Health

Personally, traveling is great for my mental health. The more I travel, the more free I feel. Traveling helps me unwind and clear my head. It takes me away from my stressors, so I can refocus. Does it do that for you?

I’ll be honest, not every trip we take is great for my mental health. Especially traveling with kids. But, we have balance in our travels. We plan trips that are meant just for exploring and trips that are for resets. It’s okay to plan a vacation simply to do nothing. We all need that at times.

If you don’t believe me, believe WebMD. It’s always accurate.

Who wouldn’t love to spend more time with their loved ones, see more of the world, and have good mental health? I certainly do! I hope you read this and find motivation to travel to a new place. Or at least travel to a nearby hotel and netflix and chill for the weekend.

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