June Preview :: what do we have planned?
Hello June! We have a lot going on this month and some content changes coming to the blog and social media. Check out our June Preview and find out what the Hawley's are up to this month.
Homemade Popsicles :: a summertime treat
I'm always looking for ways to keep my kids cool and hydrated in the summertime. Homemade popsicles have been our go-to lately. They are naturally sweet & hydrating, without all the added sugar store bought popsicles have. Homemade popsicles are super quick & easy to make and you can get really creative.
5 Reasons Why We Chose RV Living
RV living is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. Some people choose the RV lifestyle for the flexibility, while others choose it to travel together. Here is why we chose RV living for our family of four.
How We Set Up Our Site For Stationary RV Living
Have you ever wondered what it's like to live in an rv on your own land? Are you considering stationary rv life and what to know what it's really like? Come check out our set up and all the things we love about stationary rv living.
4 Reasons Why I Became A Teacher
Teaching is a calling and being a teacher is definitely not the easiest thing in the world. I became a teacher to inspire, encourage, and educate the next generation.
Why I Set Monthly Goals and You Should Too!
May is coming and that means it is time to plan out my monthly goals. Many people set yearly goals or resolutions, but what keeps them on track to reach those goals? For me, monthly goal setting keeps me focused and working towards those bigger goals. Here are 5 reasons why I set monthly goals …
How To Make Your Own Wicking Bed Flower Garden
Do you often forget to water you plants or want a low maintenance garden? A wicking bed might be for you. Learn how to create your own here.
How to do Weekly Meal planning in a Small Space
Do you have a small space and wonder how you can meal plan effectively to maximize your space? Here are tips for meal planning in a tiny space.
How To Make Your Own Milking Center for Play-Based Learning
Young children learn the most through play-based learning. When real-life experiences aren't an option, create your own play-based learning stations.
11 Tips for Keeping Your RV Cool In The Summer Heat
It's almost summertime, where livin' is easy and camping is a must! Check out these 11 ways to keep your RV cool in the summertime heat.

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